Kosher is the original USDA! Since 1275 BCE, Rabbis have been certifying food to be Kosher. Kosher food is wholesome and safe for consumption, and certified by the standards given by Moses and passed down for many generations. 

Beyond the Mitzvah (good deed) of adhering to the laws of Kashrut since they were commanded in the Torah, we at Real believe there is a greater purpose to Kashrut, as well as all other positive commandments. That underlying principle is a simple, yet profound one: Tikkun Olam, or improving the world.

And for millennia, proponents of Kosher food have been doing just that. Rabbis check every detail over and over again throughout the harvesting process. Whether it be assessing their knives for even the smallest nick or indentation, to rigorously checking the internal health of each and every animal, no detail is overlooked. 

The Kosher process, and therefore you, the Kosher consumer, have been minimizing pain in the food chain, and ensuring high quality products are consumed. If that’s not Tikkun Olam, we don’t know what is.

So join us on our mission to create a more just, kind, and Kosher world!